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Kaifeng Travel Overview

Kaifeng is a prefecture-level city located in east-central Henan Province, China, sitting about 50 kilometers east to Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of Henan Province. In the past the city owned many different names, including Daliang, Bianliang, Bianjing/Dongjing, Daliang, and simply Liang. In the history, Kaifeng used to be the capital of eight dynasties, and now it is also one of the Eight Ancient Capitals of China.

Under various names and construction vintages, Kaifeng was the capital of several dynasties, beginning with the tiny state of Wei (BCE 445-225) during the Warring States (BCE 475-221) Period, and ending with the overthrow of the Song (CE 960-1279) Dynasty by invading Jurchens (forebears of the Manchus), who established the Jin (CE 1115-1234) Dynasty. However, the city served as the "second capital" to the Jurchens, and in fact, both Ming (CE 1368-1644) and Qing (CE 1644-1911) Dynasty emperors recognized the cultural importance of Kaifeng, and took steps to rebuild or restore Kaifeng city.

Kaifeng has a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate that borders on a humid continental climate, with four distinct seasons. Winters are cool and mostly dry while summers are hot and humid; spring is warm and sees some, but not much rainfall, while autumn weather is crisp and drier. Precipitation mainly occurs from June to September.

Nowadays, Kaifeng is a city with great harvest, breeding some five million citizens. Kaifeng is also a city that incorporates water, both for good and for bad (there was much flooding in the city's past, notably by overflows from the nearby Huang He ("Yellow River")), Kaifeng is also a city with a rich history where still preserves quantities of buildings and architectures telling the stories in the past. There are also many attractive scenic spots including the Iron Pagoda, the Dragon Pavilion, the Millennium City Park, the Daxiangguo Temple and so on.

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