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Kaifeng Travel Season Tips

The weather is a representative of temperate continental monsoon climate in Kaifeng. The city will experience four distinctive seasons in a year when Kaifeng would witness totally different views. It is a place where we can enjoys abundant sunshine, warm weather and moderate rainfall, sitting at the plain of eastern Henan Province. The annual average temperature is about 14 ℃ (57 ℉) and the annual precipitation average is about 670 mm. Autumn is widely recognized as the best travel season, during which the weather there is the most pleasant and the city of Kaifeng also hosts her most beautiful event: the Chrysanthemum Fair.

In spring, Kaifeng has just been recovered from severe cold winter and the climate of Kaifeng during this period is favorable. In April, the Song Dynasty Culture and Art Festival would be held by the Kaifeng municipal government, where the folklore of Kaifeng would be displayed and appreciated.
In summer, Kaifeng weather is burning hot, so Hanyuan Garden and Millennium City Park are ideal places for visiting. If you want to visit to Kaifeng, please remember to prepare the sunscreen in advance which is essentially needed.
In autumn, Kaifeng weather is quite cool, neither too hot nor too cold, so It is the best time to visit Kaifeng is in autumn. Every year, from later October to late November, The Chrysanthemum Festival would be held in different places of Kaifeng successively which would be a great feast to visitors.
Even in the cold winter, Kaifeng is still a place which is worth visiting. Every Chinese New Year, many temple fairs would be held and all the streets are decorated with snacks. So it would be a fantastic feast to gourmets in Kaifeng. The splendid snow scenery of Millennium City Park would be another reason to choose to visit Kaifeng in winter.

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