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Kaifeng Travel Overview

Kaifeng is a prefecture-level city located in east-central Henan Province, China, sitting about 50 kilometers east to Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of Henan Province. In the past the city owned many different names, including Daliang, Bianliang, Bianjing/Dongjing, Daliang, and simply Liang. In the history, Kaifeng used to be the capital of eight dynasties, and now it is also one of the Eight Ancient Capitals of China.

Under various names and construction vintages, Kaifeng was the capital of several dynasti...
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  • Kaifeng Travel Season Tips
    The weather is a representative of temperate continental monsoon climate in Kaifeng. The city will experience four distinctive seasons in a year when Kaifeng would witness totally different views. It is a place where we can enjoys abundant sunshine,...
  • Transportation
    Air Kaifeng does not have an airport, so basically tourists do not choose to go to Kaifeng by air. If you have to, you could choose to go to Xinzheng Airport in Zhengzhou which is not far from here. So how can we get to Xinzheng Airport from Kaifen...
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