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Memorial Temple of Lord Bao

As its name shows, the Memorial Temple of Lord Bao is built to memorize Lord Bao Zheng, who firmly and bravely fought against corrupt officials and protected people from being exploited, therefore countless people could escape heavy bribes and make a living, so people established this building to commemorate Lord Bao Zheng and his good deeds and also to remind their offspring to be honest and upright.

Unfortunately, the original temple was flooded by the Yellow River. The current Memorial Temple of Lord Bao is situated on the west bank of a beautiful lake named Lord Bao Lake. Reconstructed on its original site, it is designed in the architectural style and colored patterns of the Northern Song Dynasty. The temple includes Dadian Palace, Erdian Palace, and some other buildings.

Dadian Palace contains a sitting figure of Lord Bao in the center. This figure, over three meters (approximately 10 feet) tall, wears official robes and sits up straight in his chair solemnly. On the figure's two sides some calices, bowls, wooden buckets, an ink slab, and some other artifacts are displayed, which were unearthed from Lord Bao's tomb. Colored murals with dragon and phoenix patterns around the fringe are hung on the wall to demonstrate Lord Bao's achievements in his post.

A rubbing image of Lord Bao is set up in the Erdian Palace. People could get a clearer picture of their admiring protector. Other buildings in the Memorial Temple of Lord Bao tell the legendary stories of Lord Bao as well. One of the most famous spots is the three big copper cutters, named Dragon Head Cutter, Tiger Head Cutter and Dog Head Cutter respectively. These cutters are used to cut the head of corrupt people and those ruffians, which represent the integrity of the Lord Bao.


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