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Dragon Pavilion

The Dragon Pavilion is a very famous and crucial historical spot which was located in the northwest of Kaifeng. Kaifeng was the imperial capital of the Northern Song and Jin dynasties which possessed lots of historical constructions. Most of these constructions were disappeared but the Dragon Pavilion is still one of historical remains today. Therefore, the Dragon Pavilion is an ideal place to get to let us know more about ancient lives.

Dragon Pavilion is located in the position of the imperial palaces of many dynasties. Then, most of the constructions were destroyed because of the wars. In the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the palace of a feudal prince Garden was established here. In the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911),a hall was added, a place where the emperors' tablets were placed, thus getting the name of Dragon Pavilion.

Most of the old imperial palace structures have been disappeared today. The Pavilion remains standing within the Dragon Pavilion. The Dragon Pavilion was a grand hall which was built on a 13-meter (43-foot) blue brick terrace. There are seventy-two steps to the entrance. The pavilion was a wooden structure. It has a southern aspect with 19.10 meters (62.7 feet) wide from east to west, 11.90 meters (39.0 feet) wide from south to north, and 26.7 meters (88 feet) high.

The Dragon Pavilion can be regarded as a representative of splendid historical cultural relic of Kaifeng. It holds many rare cultural relics, and dragons playing with pearls are carved on the ceilings and walls, showing the typical Chinese characteristic. Besides, when you stand at a slightly higher position, you will see the panoramic view of elegant lakes and gardens near the Dragon Pavilion. All of these make the Dragon Pavilion an attractive place in Kaifeng.

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