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Li River

Why is the Li River Special?


 The Li River, which runs through the center of Guilin, is a complementary attraction to the peaks and a setting for displays of cormorant fishing. The Li River is famous for its fine views: verdant mountains, fragrant waters, mysterious grottoes, and exquisite rocks.

Its unusual karst topography hillsides have often been compared to those at Halong Bay, Vietnam. Along the 100-kilometer stretch of the River Li, mountain peaks rise into the sky.


Li River Highlights


The Li River brimming with crystal-clear waters twists and turns between magnificent and beautiful mountains. Its banks are covered with lush bamboo and luxuriantly green woods. Luohan Mountain, Chaoban Mountain, Wuzhi Mountain and Luosi Mountain rise up from under the waters.

According to the different scenes, the Li River can be divided into three main sections.

Guilin to Ox Gorge

The pictures gallery, along the banks of the Li River, at this point includes the forest of fantastic peaks, towns, dispersed cottages and fields. The main attractions along the banks of the Li River in the first section include the Elephant Trunk Hill, the Rooster Fighting hill, the Clear-Vase Hill, the Forest of odd peaks, and the Longmen village.

Ox Gorge to Water-Dropping Village

This section of the Li River includes a variety of mountain ranges and many weird shaped peaks, which make for a great tourist attraction. The major tourist attractions in this section include the Wang Fu Rock, Caoping Village, Crown Cave, One-side Ferry.

Water-Dropping Village to Yangshuo

In this third section, the Li River offers green bamboos, bending willows, crop fields, cottages and fishing villages. This part of the river is also known for its green hills, clear water, fantastic caves and stunning rocks.

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