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Why is Longsheng special?


Close to the Guizhou border, this town and the surrounding area is home to a colorful mixture of Dong, Zhuang, Yao and Miao cultures. Visitors are often fascinated by the diverse social customs of the ethnic groups and the spectacular scenery.

Longsheng Highlights


The Yao with mountain, Miao with forest, Dong with field and Zhuang with water vividly shows the distributing of ethnic minorities of Longsheng. What’s more, the autonomous county boasts undulating green mountains and luxury forests.

Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces

The terraces are cut along contours of the land and run all the way up a series of 800 m (2600 ft) peaks making the entire landscape look like a three-dimensional topographical map. Waterfalls are abundant across the terraces and create a magnificent chorus.

Longsheng Hot Springs

Longsheng Hot Springs originate in the Longsheng Hot Springs National Forest Park and are considered supernatural water by locals. The water that flows from the Longsheng Hot Springs is natural mineral water which can be used both medicinally and as drinking water.

Huaping National Nature Reserve

It is a beautiful land to return to nature. There are dense forest, clear springs, and various flowers in blossoms giving a mysterious air to the reserve. Furthermore, it is also a nature museum where many rare animals and plants can be found.

Longsheng Nanshan Prairie

It is a natural meadow stretching across Hunan and Guangxi Provinces and famed as 'China Southland's Hulunbeier Prairie (in Inner Mongolia)'.

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