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Elephant Trunk Hill

Why is Elephant Trunk Hill special?


Shaped like a huge elephant drinking from the river with its trunk, Elephant Trunk Hill tops Guilin's hills. It's the symbol of Guilin landscape and one of the most visited attractions. It owns a charming flavor in sunrise and sunset arousing imagination.

Elephant Trunk Hill Highlights


This hill got its name as it resembles elephant leisurely sucking water from the river with its long trunk.

According to legend, a heavenly elephant once came to earth to help the workers. This enraged the emperor of heaven who stabbed the elephant where it stood drinking, thus turning it into stone.

Exploring in the Elephant Trunk Hill Park, you will enjoy many charming sights, such as Water Moon Cave (Shui Yue Cave), Elephant Eye Cave, Puxian Pagoda, Yunfeng Temple (a building with ancient style), Love Island, Osmanthus Square and so on.

Water Moon Cave (Shui Yue Cave)

The Water Moon Cave is a semi-round cave penetrated by water. The inverted reflection of the huge cave in water plus the part above forms a full lovely moon. When on a full moon night, the water waves and the moon glitters create a fantastic scene.

Elephant Eye Cave

With a height of around 2 meters, the cave spans 5 to 10 meters in width, about 52 meters in length. Look through the cave and you could enjoy the panoramic view of Guilin City.

Puxian Pagoda

The cylinder shaped pagoda looks like the handle of a sword on the back of the "elephant" seen from distance and many beautiful legends about the pagoda with good wishes are said among people.

Yunfeng Temple

During the period of Heavenly Kingdom of Peace, and the period of the Revolution led by Dr. Sun Yat-sen in 1911, this temple played the important role as gathering place for all the comrades. It is recommended to visit there to taste the Chinese history.

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