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Yuzi Paradise

Why is Yuzi Paradise Special?


Guilin Yuzi Paradise was founded by President of Taiwan Chin Pao San Group, and lies in the picturesque Guilin in South China. Located in the unique and unspoiled natural surroundings of Guilin, it is to be built as a living museum and leave a fine cultural heritage for future generations. The park is a renowned world heritage.


Yuzi Paradise Highlights


 The creators of Yuzi Paradise spent almost ten years developing large-scale outdoor art projects prior to opening to the public in 2006. As an international park of land art projects, it mainly engaged in cavern art and contemporary sculpture.


 The aim of this project is to create a grand visual art project that blends with nature and culture within Guilin’s unique landscape. Eminent artists from all over the world have been invited to establish a distinctive art paradise where eastern and western cultures co-exist in harmony.


 Since 1997, Guilin Yuzi Paradise have held 8 International Sculpture Symposia with 114 artists of 25 countries. There have been over 200 sculptures and mostly displayed in the living and working area.


 Yuzi Paradise is expected to become an international art creation and exchange center with multiple functions.

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