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Daxu Ancient Town

Why is Daxu Ancient Town special?


 Daxu is a time-honored town with well preserved traditional Chinese architecture and shiny stone-paved streets. First built in the Qin Dynasty over 2,000 years ago, Daxu Town began to flourish during the Ming Dynasty when it became the commercial center of the area.

Daxu Ancient Town highlights


Main sights here include stone-paved streets, Wanshou Bridge (Longevity Bridge), many ancient buildings and the century-old dock.

Wanshou Bridge

Wanshou Bridge (Longevity Bridge) is a single-arched bridge built in the Ming Dynasty. Along the river stand many well-preserved buildings. These wooden structures, with colorfully decorated eaves and elegantly carved doors and window frames, are still homes for many locals.

Seven Stars Tombs

The seven tombs were arranged in the form of the Big Dipper constellation and the size of the tombs was designed according to the brightness of the stars. It has been the first case of its kind in China. The funeral objects excavated from the tombs are of great value.

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