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Guilin Shopping Tips

As a tourism city renowned for splendid natural landscape, Guilin is also renowned for producing beautiful landscape paintings. Guilin painted fans are beautiful and excellent quality, decorated with painted Guilin landscapes, flowers, birds, insects, and traditional Chinese girls’ portrait.

Handicrafts like embroidery, brocade, and furnishings; local products including flutes, snacks, and pickles; Porcelain and ceramics; Chinese seals; paintings; calligraphy; and accessories.


Guangxi Normal University Art Shop

As the name implies, Guangxi Normal University Art Shop is located inside Guangxi Normal University, near the Solitary Beauty Peak. This art shop houses a collection of masterpieces, some are newly created while some of the paintings are even centuries old. The three exhibition halls display paintings of masters from different periods and different painting schools, as well as many fine paintings by the university students.


Zhengyang Pedestrian Street

Zhengyang Pedestrian Street is a popular destination for tourists. It is located next to the central square in the city. The street is line with small boutiques where you could find ethnic crafts and clothes. There are also many restaurants and stalls selling local snacks.

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