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Seven Star Cave

Why is Seven Star Cave special?


Taking the shapes of stone column, curtain, stalagmite and animals, the cave presents a true spectacle and leads visitors into a marvelous world. The water keeps flowing from the rock cracks and the lights shining in the cave, giving visitors the impression that they are in a wonderland.

Centuries ago Seven-Star Cave was an underground river channel, which rose above the surface to become a cavern with the movement of the earth’s crust. Over the centuries many poems and other inscriptions have been left behind on its walls by poets and visitors.

Red Carp

On the ceiling of the cave is a piece of stalactite which shapes very much like a red carp. It has a head, body and tail and the carp is going upwards against the current and you can see waves and water splashed behind it too.

Moon Palace

That is a very charming and serene palace above on the cave ceiling that looks like the 'Moon Palace' or the 'Guanghan Palace' known in Chinese legend. In front of it there is a very big cassia tree with lushly growing branches and leaves.

Stone Forest in Seclusion

This scene looks like a stone forest in the distance, secluded and very much quiet too. As all these things are very tiny, so they look seemingly to be far in the distance hence the name the 'Stone Forest in Seclusion'.

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