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Guilin Travel Season Tips

Spring lasts from March to May. Frequent and sharp intervals of temperature changes are normal. Spring is a best season to refresh. Flowers and trees in parks smile invitingly. Climbing mountains such as Yao Mountain and Solitary Beauty Peak is a good choice. Picking strawberries near Daxu Ancient Town and picking tea leaves at Guilin Tea Plantation near Yao Mountain are best spring and summer activities. Cycling in the countryside and bamboo rafting on the Yulong River are also top things to do in spring in Yangshuo.


Summer from June to August is usually hot and humid. The average temperature in summer is about 30 °C (86 °F). Exploring caves in summer is a popular place to escape the heat. Stalactites in Guilin's karst caves are shaped surreally — dreamlike and fantastic under the colored lighting. 


Autumn lasts from September to November. It is generally pleasantly warm/mild and dry in autumn. Exploring the countryside of Yangshuo by bike or electric car, and hiking between Longji's Terraced Fields to see the arboreal fall colors and golden tiers of the late harvest could be really enjoyable.


Winter lasts from December to February. Winter in Guilin is cold, especially in January. Temperatures could fall to zero (32 °F). On warm days. There are sharp rises and falls of temperature within a few days. Winter.

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