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Guangzhou Attractions

  • Bright Filial Piety Temple

    Bright Filial Piety Temple

    Situated at Guangxiao Road in Gungzhou, Bright Filial Piety Temple, Guangxiaosi in Chinese, is among the grandest and most influential temples in China with a history dating back more than 1,700 years. Read more>>
  • Danxia Mountain

    Danxia Mountain

    Located in the northeast of Shaoguan city in Guangdong Province, Danxia Mountain is called Red Stone Park of China for the brilliant red color, and the red stone group covering a total area of 282 square miles. Read more>>
  • Baomo Garden

    Baomo Garden

    As a masterpiece of South China gardens and architecture, the garden is crisscrossed with streams and more than 30 stone bridges. Antiques, and calligraphy and paintings by celebrated masters can be appreciated in the exhibition halls. Read more>>
  • Night Cruise on Pearl River

    Night Cruise on Pearl River

    Like a ribbon that connects the historical sites and urban scenery, Pearl River displays both the modern culture and the historical legacy of Guangzhou City. When the night falls, the Pearl River displays a different flavor. Read more>>
  • Temple of the Six Banyan Trees

    Temple of the Six Banyan Trees

    Every year on the Chinese traditional Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, the temple becomes a busy area. Numerous people queue to burn the first joss stick in order to be blessed by gods in the coming year. Read more>>
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