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Yunlu Street

Yunlu Street is one of the famous cultural scenic spots in Datong. Also named as Yunlu Ancient Culture Street, it locates in the Confucian Cultural Tourism Scenic Area, within the city wall. There are one archway at the entrance of each of the north and south streets. Yunlu Street is 200 meters long and 16 meters wide, which now becomes a commercial pedestrian street. With a total construction area of 18,000 square meters, there are also many large-scale commercial facilities such as the theatre, fashion restaurants, themed hostels, etc.

History of Yunlu Street
In the ancient times, Yunlu Street was the first street in Datong thus people used to take pride in walking this road. Yunlu Street was the only access for the scholars going to the Confucian Temple to worship Confucius or returning to the hometown in honor.

In April, 2010, the Datong Government began the city protection program and the restoration project of Yunlu Street also started. The restoration work was based on the principle that maintains its original appearance. Therefore, dozens of shops and courtyard houses in an architectural style of Ming Dynasty were built along the street.

Features of Yunlu Street
There are two big arches standing at the intersections of the street. The arch at the south exit reads "Yunlufang", which contains the meanings of prosper and success, and implies "pacing the clouds". The arch at the south exit is called "Dachengfang". "Dacheng" is a compliment to Confucius, praising his profound thoughts and great achievements. The two large arches have exquisite shapes, brilliant colors and unpretentious inscriptions.

The buildings on the Yunlu Street have the Ming Dynasty architectural style, all of which have blue brick masonry. These houses have vertical and fancy gates, with exquisite brick carvings. There are also main ridges, vertical ridges, and Statues of unicorn beasts on the roof of the gate. The stone-paved steps, antique porches, exquisite wooden doors and windows, gorgeous wall relief, retro paintings and stone pillars in various shapes, all reflect the history and cultures of the street.

Yunlu Street embodies the city’s cultural life, displaying various local and cultural products nationawide. Standing here and looking through the street, all of the buildings perfectly reflect the thickness and vicissitudes of Datong's history.

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