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Datong Shopping Tips

Datong is situated in northern Shanxi Province and bordered by Inner Mongolia to the north and Hebei Province to the east. It has become a commercial and trade center of the three provinces. The most well-known local products include Yungang Silk Dolls, Datong egg carvings and Yanggao dried apricots.


Yungang Silk Doll


Yungang silk doll has a history of more than 1000 years. It is a cloth doll covered by silk, satin, and gauze. From the Ming and Qing dynasties, people believed that the silk dolls could bring good luck. With time goes by, more and more folk artists started to make or paint silk dolls based on Chinese legends and Chinese classic literature. Silk dolls are one of the most favored gifts to buy in Datong.


Datong egg carvings


Since the Ming and Qing dynasties, Datong local people began to use red eggs as presents for weddings, birth celebrations, birthdays and other events. As a result, merchants and folk artists began to paint flowers, fish, birds and types of facial make-up from the local opera on the eggs. Bearing some resemblance to Easter eggs, Datong Egg Carving is done on hollow eggshells which today are decorated with Chinese Calligraphies and classic Chinese painting themes.


Yanggao dried apricots


Datong Yanggao apricots are produced in the mountainous area. The dried apricots are selected, and are dried into dark yellow or dark green. The yellow dried apricots taste sweeter and thus higher in price. Featuring big size, sweet favor, and brighter color, the Yanggao dried apricots are widely favored by locals and visitors.


Where to buy


If you want to buy the Datong souvenirs and local products, Daxi Street is a good place. Located near Huayan Temple, it is the oldest and most bustling district of Datong. The street is lined with stands and shops selling all kinds of souvenirs and local snacks.

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