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Wenying Lake Park

Wenying Lake Park locates in the city center of Datong, which was built in 1957. The park was rebuilt on the basis of the original Wenying Lake Reservoir. Wenying Lake Park covers an area of 6.74 million square meters, with the vegetation area of 4 million square meters and the water area of 4.33 million square meters. Wenying Lake Park has been the home of many migrant birds. With aquatic plants growing in the park, the park gains more charm.

Layout of Wenying Lake Park
Wenying Lake Park was firstly built in 1957. Due to the large water area inside, the park is particularly precious in the northern cities, where are always in short of water. However several years later, due to the environmental degradation and deforestation, the water in the lake became less and dried up gradually. In 2009, the park’s restoration project by the local government started to recover the original appearances of the lake. After nearly two years’ construction, Wenying Lake Park not only regains its natural appearance, but will also becomes to the core and a landmark of Datong.

The scientific planning and restoration makes water quality and ecology of the lake better. The landscape of the park emphasizes the ecological, ornamental, humanistic and regional features. The style of the park is natural and wild, reflecting the sense of the modern city.

Wenying Lake Park is surrounded by lakes and mountains. The 12-kilometers walkway around the lake extends to various directions, which is the main viewing trail for tourists. Various birds such as white swans, wild ducks and wild geese inhabit around the lake. There are more than 100 species of plants in the park.

Wenying Lake Park includes many small scenic spots, including urban leisure area, gardens, musical fountain, natural island, viewing platform, ecological bird island, wetlands, etc. More facilities such as fashion commercial streets, cultural corridors, art gallery, forest parks, football fields and badminton courts are now under construction. The park also provides a best venue for the local citizens to relax and take exercise.

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