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Seven Star Lake Desert

There are seven lakes in this scenic spot, which is divided into north and south part. The lakes are crystal clear and they are the habitats of many valuable species. Visitors can relax and explore the diversity of nature.


The northern part of the area comprises 21 villas and 14 yurts with high quality. There are altogether 400 rooms for tourists to relax and stay overnight in these attractions. Also, some area is designed for sports, such as the surfing region, aquatic region, and the adventurous region.


Seven Star Lake Desert consists of rich tourism resources, such as a lake, wetland, grassland, brooks, and rivers. Tourists can enjoy the natural scenery while relaxing themselves in the well-designed resort. There are also basketball courts and tennis courts in the area. Most of the visitors spend their vacations here and enjoy the luxuriant facilities. Apart from places for entertainment, numerous conference rooms are available. It is a multi-functional spot for tourists.


You are strongly recommended to stay overnight. You can enjoy the night view of the desert, which the sky is decorated with millions of stars.


Tel: 0477-6888707

Website: http://www.qxhly.cn/lxwm/

Ticket price: CNY100 for adult; Children who are below 1.2 m are free of charge; Students can purchase the tickets with a discount if they show their student cards.

Opening hours: 8:30-18:00



- It is better to drive by yourself or book a cab as the scenic area is large. You can only appreciate part of the view of you go there on foot.

- Protect the environment while you are having your trip.

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