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The Ordos Museum

The Ordos Museum in China is a museum which presents the history and traditions of Inner Mongolia. If you want to understand the Mongolian culture thoroughly, this is a must-go museum for you. The museum is completed in 2011, with 440,000-square-foot building and was designed by China-based MAD Architects, inspired by the forms of the Gobi desert nearby and the geodesic domes conceived by Buckminster Fuller in the 1940s. The museum galleries, videos, and relics unveil the history of the Ordos region as well as the heritage and culture of the Mongolian people. There are six levels of exhibition space in the museum, each level is used for a different purpose.


The museum is featured with Mongolian culture in Ordos. The museum is divided into 4 blocks according to the historic sequence. For example, there is a block presents the cultural and religion of Mongolians during the Qing Dynasty. It illustrates how Ordos is influenced by Mongolian culture and costume. You will be stunned by the glorious history of the ancient empire.


The architectural design is magnificent. It looks like a piece of the giant rock, which indicate the eternity of Ordos culture. To withstand the cold winter climate of the area, the building is made in polished aluminum. Metaphorically speaking, It is also a sort of shield that protects the history of Ordos from the uncertainty under urbanization. Visitors can see a dazzling rock shining under the light.

Address: No.5, Wenhuaxi Road

Tel: 0477-8390997/0477-8390880


- You can book a tour guide service before you come to the museum

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