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Ordos Travel Overview

Ordos is Mongolian which means "numbers of palaces".Ordos is one of the twelve major subdivisions of Inner Mongolia, which lies in the southwest of the region. It is encircled by the Yellow River in the north, the west, and the east and is separated by the Great Wall. Ordos, Hohhot, and Baotou are three major cities of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which contribute much to the local economic development and form the "Golden Triangle" in Inner Mongolia.


Ordos has been gone through systematic urban planning recently. Including some large scale government projects, such as the new Kangbashi District, an urban district planned as a massive civic mall with abundant monuments, cultural institutions, and other showpiece architecture. It was also the venue for the 2012 Miss World Final.


Ordos was frequently described as a "ghost city" by the western media since the streets of the new Kangbashi district didn't have much population. Under the policy adjustment, Kangbashi had become more populated with a resident population of 153,000 and around one-third of apartments occupied.


Since Ordos is gradually developed, many visitors come to enjoy the Mongolian culture, such as the best-preserved traditional Mongolian etiquette, Ordos Wedding Ceremony, and Genghis Khan Memorial Ceremony.

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