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Kubuqi Desert

Kubuqi Desert is located in the northern part of Ordos highland. It is in the middle of Inner Mongolia and to the west of Hohhot City, which is the seventh biggest desert in China. It is about 18,600 sq km. It is the nearest desert to Beijing and is famous for its awesome magnificent beauty.


The sands of the desert mainly come from the alluvial deposits of the ancient Yellow River, the pluvial deposits from Lang Mountains, and the local sands. It is said that the desert is formed during the late Shang Dynasty and the Warring States period when the climate is dry, cold and windy.


There are rich travel resources in Kubuqi Desert, including the desert, lakes, grasslands, wetlands, and oasis. More than a thousand types of birds such as the rare white swans settle in the area or some of the valuable species inhabit around the desert. Since the site is in the shape of the bow. Mongolian name it "kubuqi", which means "bow" in the Mongolian language. If you check the satellite photos, the desert is looked like a golden bow in the earth.


As the soil is loose, It is not suitable for agriculture. Locals practice nomadic herding in this region. Most of the visitors come to discover the ethnic traditions and enjoy the magnificent scenery of the dessert.


Travel Tips

- Best traveling season: summers and autumns.

- Temperature: during May and Oct, the temperature is relatively higher, which is around 25 C to 40 C in the daytime. While in the night, the temperature will plummet around 10 C to 15 C. Sandstorm is rare in Kubuqi Desert.

- Bring enough sunscreen as the maximum temperature at noon is about 30-40 degrees and the surface temperature is 60-70 degrees.

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