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Ordos Grassland

The Ordos Grassland area is located in the southern part of the Yin Shan mountain range and the northern part of the Baiyu Shan mountain range. The Ordos Grassland area is surrounded by rivers and brooks, make it become an important area for locals as the land provide most of the resources.


The Ordos Grassland Tourist Area is a large Mongolian camp which comprises 200 yurts. The area is subdivided into different sections such as an area for performances of singing and dancing, an area for promoting the traditional Mongolian sports, such as horseback riding, archery, and wrestling. There is also an area for dining, an area that caters to business interests, and an area that is dedicated to temple life.

Most of the visitors come to explore the grassland culture, such as the local food, sports, and ceremonies. You will be amazed by the picturesque grassland and the unsophisticated lifestyle of the villagers. You can listen to the traditional pieces of music of Mongol, which are played in Morin khuur.


Tourists love to take a good rest in the relaxing section and appreciate the majestic grassland scenery from a yurt. Generally speaking, this comprehensive resort provides nearly everything you need and you can have an unprecedented insight into the grassland.


Tel: 0477-2215555

Website: http://www.shizhenyuan.com/

Opening hour:8:00-23:00 from April to October; 8:00-19:00 from November to March

Ticket price: CNY 80 (Only for scenic spot)



- bring your swimming suit as the goods in the resort can be expensive.

- Ticket price may fluctuate, also some package tickets are available. Check the detail on the website when you plan your trip.

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