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Transportation in Ordos Travel

Ordos Transportation




Ordos Ejin Horo Airport


Ordos Ejin Horo Airport is 45 kilometers away from Dongsheng district and 18 kilometers from Kangbashi district. 50 airlines had been opened to connect cities in Inner Mongolia, including Hohhot, Tongliao, Ulanhot; Some cities of other provinces, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Shenzhen, Sanya, Zhengzhou, Chengdu also provide flight service to Ordos. International flights to Irkutsk (Russia), Siem Reap (Cambodia) and Bangkok (Thailand) are available too. Generally speaking, it is quite convenient to go to Ordos.


Address: Bu'ertaige Town, Ejin Horo Banner, Ordos City

Tel: 0477-8901111


Transportation to the city center


1. Airport shuttle bus


The service started at 8:00 am. There will be one shuttle bus each hour. The last bus departs at 11:30 pm.


2. Taxicab


It is costly to take a taxi at en expense about 40 to 100 yuan, so we highly recommend you taking the shuttle bus.



Five railway stations are available in Ordos, including Ordos Railway Station, West Dongsheng Railway Station, East Dongsheng Railway Station, Jungar Railway Station, and West Dalate Railway Station. Daily trains are provided from Ordos to Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Nanjing, Wuxi, Xuzhou, Chongqing, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, Jinan, Yulin, and Yan'an.


Ordos Railway Station

It is the largest railway station in Ordos which the three main lines connect cities like Beijing, Xi'an, Yantai, Hangzhou, Kunming, Chengdu, Qiqihar, Fuzhou and cities in Inner Mongolia like Baotou, Hohhot. It is very convenient for tourists to transfer from one Mongolian city to Ordos.

Tel: 0477-95105105, 0471-12306

Transportation: Bus No.K27, No.3 and No. 6


East Dongsheng Railway Station

Address: Tongchuan Town, Dongsheng District, Ordos City

Tel: 0477-95105105/0471-12306

Transportation: Bus No. 33 bus


West Dongsheng Railway Station

Address: Hantai Town, Dongsheng District, Ordos

Tel: 0471-9510510/0471-12306

Transportation: Bus No. K23, k24, k25, 50 and 51


Jungar Railway Station

Address: Dalu Town, Jungar Banner, Ordos City

Tel: 0477-95105105, 0471-12306

Transportation: shuttle buses from Xuejiawan Town and Dalu New District


West Dalate Railway Station

Address: Dalate Banner, Ordos

Tel: 0477-95105105, 0471-12306


Long-distance Bus

The infrastructure in Ordos is well-developed. There are buses to Hohhot, Shijiazhuang, Yan'an, Shengmu, Baotou. There are 2 bus stations in Ordos.

Ordos Passenger Transport Terminal

Address: Guangchang St, Dongsheng District, Ordos

Tel: (0477)8380248


Dongsheng Passenger Terminal

Address: South Tiaojiao Road, Dongsheng District, Ordos

Tel: 0477-8576000

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