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The way that Mongolians eat mutton is to use their hand to tear the mutton into pieces, alongside with the knife, which helps to slice the meat. Since the eating method is very special, this cuisine is called "Shoubarou" in Chinese, literally means using hand to reap the mutton.

The cooking process is pretty simple, local simply use salt pickle the meat. After that, the cooking temperature needs to be well-controlled. The mutton is tender and rich in nutrition, therefore it is a popular dish among Mongolians.


Huanghe Cyprinus carpio


Cyprinus carpio in Ordos is very famous as the meat is fresh and nutritious. Mongolians create different sauces to match the fish.


Pork intestines sausage


It is a traditional snack for Mongolians. It is made of pork intestines, therefore it is called "Zhuguanchang" in Chinese, which means putting lamb blood inside the intestines and turn it into the shape of sausages. Local usually store this kind of food into the fridge.


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