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Lijiang Attractions

  • Stone Drum Town

    Stone Drum Town

    Stone Drum Town, also known as “Shigu Town”, locates about 60 kilometers west of the Lijiang Ancient Town. It sites at the famous area of First Bend of the Yangtze River. The Yangtze River turns north here and then flows eastward across China. Stone Drum Town is the historical and important town ... Read more>>
  • Naxi Ancient Music

    Naxi Ancient Music

    Naxi Ancient Music is the traditional Naxi classical music, which is regarded as a “living fossil of Chinese music”. Naxi Ancient Music is>It was archaic, simple, and elegant in style, exquisite, euphonious, and energetic in character. Beautiful Naxi music Naxi Ancient Music is the oldest music... Read more>>
  • Former Residence of Joseph Rock

    Former Residence of Joseph Rock

    Former Residence of Joseph Rock locates in the Yuhu Village in Lijiang. The house belongs to Joseph Francis Rock, who is the Austria-American botanist, anthropologist, explorer, linguist, and author. Joseph Rock stayed in this house for 27 years, during his study to the unique culture of Naxi peopl... Read more>>
  • Lion Mountain Park

    Lion Mountain Park

    Lion Mountain Park situates in Lijiang, which is class="MsoNormal" style="text-align:left"> What to see in Lion Mountain Park The mountain’s forest coverage rate is about 90%. It is covered by verdant trees and lush grasses, and there are more than 40 ancient cypress trees of 800 years old. L... Read more>>
  • Lashihai Lake

    Lashihai Lake

    Lashihai Lake situates 10 kilometers west of Lijiang in Yunnan Province. Lashi Lake is the largest lake in Lijiang, covering for 5,330 hectares. With the altitude of 2,437 meters, it is actually a lake cut off by Lashi Dam. Lashi is a word in ancient Naxi language, which means a “new desolate dam... Read more>>
  • Blue Moon Valley

    Blue Moon Valley

    Blue Moon Valley locates in Lijiang, which is actually a river meandering through a lush valley. This crystal clear river lies at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It is a popular spot inside the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area, which is about 15 kilometers away from the Lijiang Old Town... Read more>>
  • Mu’s Residence

    Mu’s Residence

    The Mu’s Residence is the former residence of the Tusi Mu in Lijiang. Tusi is a kind of official position that leaders of minority ethnic groups were appointed hereditarily by emperors in acient China. Read more>>
  • Baisha Murals

    Baisha Murals

    The Baisha Murals are world-famous fresco with rich colors. It mixed the stories of Buddhism, Taoism and Lamaism into one picture. The bold and creative way is unique and incredible. Read more>>
  • Shuhe Ancient Town

    Shuhe Ancient Town

    Four kilometers to the northwest of the Lijiang Old Town, at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain lies the Shuhe Ancient Town. Lijiang Old Town area, including Shuhe Town and Baisha Town, has been listed as a world cultural heritage site by UNESCO in 1997. Read more>>
  • Yuhu Village

    Yuhu Village

    Rock Joseph was the first foreign scholar to introduce Lijiang ethnic culture to the western world. Former Residence of Joseph Rock is located in an ancient village with beautiful scenery -Yuhu village. Read more>>
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