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Lijiang Travel Overview

Lijiang is a beautiful shining jewel target="_blank" title="Lijiang">Lijiang is also well known for well-preserved ancient buildings and the distinctive Naxi culture. The aged wooden buildings decked with hanging red lanterns, and local musicians play the old Naxi instruments in the time worn streets. It is an idyllic place that seems far away from the busy city.

Walking in Lijiang, you must visit some of the souvenir shops and taste some local dishes and snacks. At night, the famous bar street in the Old Town...
  • Lijiang Travel Season Tips
    Lijiang weather is generally mild, with abundant rainfall and plenty of sunshine. It has an average annual temperature between 13 °C (55°F) and 20 °C (68 °F). In summer, the temperature ranges from 10°C to 26 °C (50 - 79 °F). Coming to winter...
  • How to Arrange Your Lijiang Trip
    Recommended attractions a.must-go places   Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Lijiang Ancient Town Impression Lijiang b.Other Recommends Baisha Murals Yuhu Village Black Dragon Pool Mu’s Former Residence Shuhe Ancient Town Dongba Culture Museum c.Nearb...
  • Transportation
    (1) Airport Lijiang Sanyi Airport Lijiang Sanyi Airport is located in Qihe County, Gucheng District Distance to city center: 28 km Transportation to city center: a.Airport bus Passengers could take airport buses running between Lijiang Sanyi Airp...
  • Dinning
    Lijiang food is also referred as Naxi food. Most popular Naxi dishes include Dried Pork Rib, Chickpea Jelly, and Naxi Sandieshui. Special Lijiang snacks include the Lijiang pan cake (baba), and buttered tea. Recent years, with the rapid development ...
  • Shopping
    From the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Lijiang has been an important stop of the Tea-Horse Trading Route. The Lijiang Old Town, which was once an important meeting point for all kinds of trade, nowadays, is still a distribution point for merchandise from ...
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