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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Why is Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Special?

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the southernmost glacier rising 5,600 meters above the plains. About one fourth of all plant species in China can be found here. And the mountain offers a number of fantastic natural spots which are outstandingly beautiful.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Highlights


Along the top of the mountain, it is all covered by snow all around the year and its silvery "scales" shining bright that makes it looks like a gigantic dragon clad in white snow. Therefore the mountain was named “Jade Dragon Snow Mountain”.


The gorgeous view as it gives Jade Snow Mountain changes in seasons and weathers. Sometimes it is wrapped around by mist looking like a veiled beauty; sometimes circled by the cloud around the waist, sometimes completely covered by cloud.


Plants and Rare animals


From another perspective, the mountain is also known as a treasure of wild plants and rare animals. It boasts a large quantity of trees, medicinal herbs and various flowers. Every year, at the end of spring and the beginning of autumn, thousands of flowers are blooming all over.


Its many ravines, creeks, cliffs, and meadows all have Naxi names and are settings for the myths and legends of these local people. Heavily forested, the mountain bursts into bloom every spring. Herders take their cattle, goats, and yaks to graze on its slopes.


Now the main attractions around the mountain area are Spruce Plateau, Dry Sea, and White Water River.

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