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Blue Moon Valley

Blue Moon Valley locates in Lijiang, which is actually a river meandering through a lush valley. This crystal clear river lies at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It is a popular spot inside the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area, which is about 15 kilometers away from the Lijiang Old Town. When it is sunny, the water in the river is blue. Seen from a distance, it looks like a blue moon inlaid at the foot of the mountain, hence the name.



Incredibly Baishui River

Actually, this clear river is also called “Baishui River”. On the rainy days, the white mud and limestone rubble at the riverbed will be swirled up, and in this way, the water looks in white color. Therefore, the local Naxi People called it “Baishui River”. The water in the river originates from the melting snow and ice running down from Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, so the water is very freezing even in summer.


Baishui River is also considered as the River of Love by local people. According to the local legend, when two Naxi youngsters fall in love, the boy will be tested by standing barefoot in the freezing water in winter, in order to show his love to the girl. People believe that this tested love will last forever witnessed by this holy snow mountain.

Along the Baishui River, there are four lakes divided by small waterfalls and giant rocks. The four lakes are called Jade-Like Wine Lake, Mirror Pond, Blue Moon Lake, and Wave-Listening Lake. The clear water in the lake forms into a mirror. The grand snow mountain, steep cliffs, and thick forests can be seen from the natural mirror. The submerged trees can be seen underneath from the lakes, standing like skeletons in the cold and blue water.


The best spot for photos is the White Water Terrace on the upstream. The water terrace is made up of the fan-shaped stairs, and the river running down from each step, which looks like the shining shells with the reflection of the sunlight. The water terrace with the flowers, gorges, and meadows surrounding them, makes Blue Moon Valley one of the most scenic spots in Lijiang and Yunnan Province.

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