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Lugu Lake

Why is Lugu Lake Special?

Lugu Lake is one of the deepest fresh water lakes in China. Lugu Lake is 2690 meters above the sea level, making it the highest lake in Yunnan Province. Being fascinating with its natural beauty, it is also outstanding for Mosuo culture.


Lugu Lake Highlights


Lugu Lake is surrounded by high and sublime mountains with exquisite beauty, fresh air and charming scenery. The water in the lake is clear enough that the lake bed can be seen 11 meters deep. There are moreover many jade-green islands of various sizes situated throughout the lake.


Mosuo People


The shores of the lake are inhabited by the Mosuo people who have lived there for generations. They have peculiar customs and ways, retaining remnants of matriarchal society. Men and women are not united by wedlock, each living at the mother's home respectively, yet keeping a casual cohabitation relationship. Thus the place is called "A Quaint Realm of Matriarchy".

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