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Yinchuan Attractions

  • Western Xia Imperial Tombs

    The Western Xia Imperial Tombs

    The Western Xia was a feudal dynasty established in the early 11th century. Most emperors of the Western Xia Dynasty (1038-1227) were buried in the Western Xia Imperial Tombs, which are among the largest and best preserved imperial cemeteries in China. Read more>>
  • Nanguan Mosque

    The Nanguan Grand Mosque

    The Nanguan Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in Yinchuan and is also the center for holding religious events for the Muslims in nearby areas. It is endowed with Islamic architectural style and has become one of the main venues for religious activities and tourist spots. Read more>>
  • Western Film City

    Zhenbeipu Western Film City

    About one hundred films have been shot in the Zhenbeipu Western Film City, very different from other film art centers, it features its simplicity, desolation, primitiveness and roughness. It enjoys the reputation as China’s movie headquarter. It has more than 100 scenes of various sizes. Read more>>
  • Rock Paintings of the Helan Mountain

    Rock Paintings of Helan Mountains

    According to research, the Rock Paintings of Helan Mountains were made from the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC-476 BC) to the Western Xia Dynasty (1038-1227) by folk artists of northern nomadic tribes. Thousands of paintings of various themes have so far been found. Read more>>
  • Ningxia Museum

    Ningxia Museum

    Located in the Chengtian Temple, Ningxia Museum is a comprehensive provincial-level museum built in the 1970s. A complete exhibition on the history of Ningxia from time immemorial to late Qing Dynasty is held regularly in the museum. Read more>>
  • Sand Lake Scenic Area

    Sand Lake Scenic Area

    The Sand Lake is thought to be the “Eden of the Northern Wasteland”. As a combination of blue water, sand, lotus, reeds, birds, fish and mountains, it has become a symbol to learn about Ningxia. Many exciting activities such as water-motorcycling and sand surfing can be found here. Read more>>
  • Yinchuan Transportation

    Yinchuan Transportation

    Located on the rich land irrigated by the Yellow River, Yinchuan boasts well-developed transportation facilities. A complete transporting network has been built, principally consisting of railways, six national highways and seven provincial highways, as well as a civil airport. Air Located in Linhe... Read more>>
  • Yinchuan Overview

    Yinchuan Overview

    As the capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Yinchuan is a national historical and cultural city, as well as a top tourist city. With an area of 9,560 sq km, Yinchuan now has three districts, two counties and target="_blank" title="China">China in the 7th Century. As an ancient frontier c... Read more>>
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