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Yinchuan Shopping Tips

Here one can not only buy unique local products or souvenirs but also enjoy shopping in such an interesting place. Yinchuan will provide you with many special agricultural products and tourist craftworks. In addition, sunflowers, Chinese dates, tremellas, and folk porcelain can be bought at vendors standing along the street.


What to buy


Five Treasures

Five Treasures of Ningxia refer to five special products from Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region that come in five colors, including Helan stone in blue, Chinese wolfberry in red, licorice root in yellow, Tan sheepskin in white and the Nostoc flagelliforme (facai) in black. You can find all of them in Yinchuan, the capital of Ningxia. These products may be good choices for you.


Ningxia Golden Rice

It is the Protected Geographical Indication Product in China, and it originates from Ningxia. Ningxia Golden Rice looks like bud tea, crystal and clear, and white like snow. You will feel light, breezy and bright when you eat it, with a lingering fragrance and a memorable taste.


Where to buy


Cultural Relic Main Store

Address: 60 Wenhua Street East


Hualian Shopping Mall

Address: 53 Gulou Street South, Xingqing District


Yinchuan Shidai Square

Address: 16 Gulou Street South, Xingqing District


Ningxia Gongxiaoshe Gulou Shoping Mall

Address: 197 Jiefang Street East


Yinchuan Shopping Mall

Address: Xinhua Street East

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