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Sand Lake Scenic Area

Why is the Sand Lake Tourist Area special?


The Sand Lake is thought to be the “Eden of the Northern Wasteland”, because one cannot tell whether it is a “Water Town South of the Yangtze River” or an “Oasis in the Desert”. As a combination of blue water, sand, lotus, reeds, birds, fish and mountains, it has become a symbol for the world to learn about Ningxia. Many exciting activities such as water-motorcycling, sand surfing and sand sliding can be found here.


Sand Lake Tourist Area Highlights


A Birds' Paradise


Millions of birds inhabit around the lake area, thus it is absolutely a paradise for birds, including swans, bustards, goosanders, gulls, bitterns, white cranes and mallards.


Water Lily Garden


The Water Lily Garden is located in the east part of the Sand Lake. Each summer, beautiful water lilies in the garden blossom out in a large scale, adding radiance for each other.


International Sand-carving Artistic Area


On the south bank of the Sand Lake there lies the International Sand-carving Artistic Area which gathers numerous classical art masterpieces such as the Pyramids and Sphinx. In the desert not far away camels can be seen walking all around.


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