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Ningxia Museum


Why is Ningxia Museum Special?


Located in the Chengtian Temple, Ningxia Museum is a comprehensive provincial-level museum built in the 1970s. The new exhibition building of the museum was opened in 2008, which was equipped with hi-tech displaying devices thus may leave on you a fine visiting impression.


Ningxia Museum Highlights


Exhibition on Local History


A complete exhibition on the history of Ningxia from time immemorial to late Qing Dynasty reflects the fact that Ningxia has long been a gathering place of various ethnic groups.


Special Exhibition on the Western Xia Dynasty


Based on numerous unearthed relics, visitors can get a clear picture of the Western Xia Dynasty in terms of its political system, history, art, architecture, etc.


Display of Local Hui Customs


Ningxia Province is a traditional settlement of the Hui people, and Hui people account the majority of the Muslin population in China. Therefore, the Hui culture is more of a mixture of the Chinese culture and the Islamic Culture than a single culture. Their unique customs deserve lots of attention. 

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