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The Nanguan Grand Mosque


Why is the Nanguan Grand Mosque Special?


The Nanguan Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in Yinchuan and is also the center for holding religious events for the Muslims in nearby areas. With its impressive Islamic characteristics and its unique and elegant architectural style, the mosque has become one of the main venues for religious activities and tourist spots.


Nanguan Grand Mosque Highlights


Religious Gatherings


When special Fridays and traditional festivals fall, hundreds of Muslim come and gather here to worship and pray. The Hui are China's Muslims. They are offsprings of traders from the Middle East who settled down in China over a thousand years ago.


Architechtural Style


The Nanguan Mosque is endowed with Islamic architectural style featuring grand domes, long tines, arch doors and windows. There are five green domes on top of this two-storey building. It is said that the biggest one in the center symbolizes Mohammed, the prophet in Islam, and that the other four represent four famous imams.


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