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Yantai Attractions

  • Daji Mountain

    Daji Mountain

    Daji Mountain locates 5 kilometers east of Laizhou City in Yantai. Daji Mountain is one of the five famous Taoist mountains in China. It is regarded as one of the birthplaces of Chinese Taoism culture and Chinese Deity culture. From the Pre-Qin Period before Chris to the late Qing Dynasty, Taoists ... Read more>>
  • Changyu Wine Culture Museum

    Changyu Wine Culture Museum

    With a time-honored history since 1892 as well as more than 20% domestic market share, Changyu Pioneer Wine Co. Inc. has been the most famous wine producer in China for the past many years. The company set up Changyu Wine Culture Museum in 1992 in Zhifu District of Yanti City. The museum aims to di... Read more>>
  • Changdao County

    Changdao County

    Changdao County is the only island-county in Shandong Province. The county consists of 32 islands, 66 reefs and Bohai sea area as large as 8, 700m². 10 of the islands are occupied whereon Touji Town and 7 smaller towns with 40 villages are fed by the sea. Changdao is known for its sandy beaches a... Read more>>
  • Penglai Pavilion

    Penglai Pavilion

    Northwest of Penglai County, perched on a cliff of Danya Mountain overlooking the waves, Penglai Pavilion, together with Penglai Water City, has been considered as a fairyland and was declared a key cultural relic by the State Council in 1982. Occupying 32, 800㎡, Penglai Pavilion Tourist Area is... Read more>>
  • Nanshan Scenic Spot Zone

    Nanshan Scenic Spot Zone

    Situated in Longkou City administrated by Yantai, Nanshan Scenic Spot Zone is on the coastal line of Bohai Strait. For its spectacular scenery and satisfactory service, the zone has been classified as a national 5A-class scenic spot. The zone has been divided into 3 parts of Religious History and... Read more>>
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