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Qinghai Lake

Why is Qinghai Lake special?


Shaped like an ellipse, Qinhai Lake lies northwest of the magnificent Tibetan Plateau, 150km away from Xining in Qinghai Province. Qinghai Lake reaches 28.7m at the deepest point with the averages depth of 19m overall. With an altitude of 3, 195m, the climate surrounding the lake is very cool even in the middle of the summer, which is why it is often selected as a summer resort.


Qinghai Lake is regarded as the "green lake", "blue sea" or "fairyland" because of the marvelous natural beauty reflected on it. It is also the largest inland and salt water lake in China. It is thought by the natives that Qinghai Lake is a miracle endowed by a deity. Outside, four continuous mountains surround the lake and extend broad grassland. Inside, Qinghai Lake is decorated with many little islands. All these natural attractions come together perfectly to form a Xanadu on earth, winning admirations from visitors from home and abroad.


Apart from embracing the heavenly beauty, visitors can either stroll on the grass or ride on a yak, climbing the sand hill or visiting the historic remains on the way. Or you may enjoy a taste of the Tibetan life with the local people if you like. Tents and various delicious foods are provided in the pastures.


Qinghai Lake Highlights


Famous spots here are called Haixin Hill (Hill of the Sea Heart) and Niaodao (Bird Island). Each has their own wonders. Haixin Hill, also called "Immortal Hill" has temples, crystal springs and green grassland on the island. Niaodao lies in the west of Qinghai Lake. It is the kingdom of birds. More than ten thousand bird perch on this island in spring and summer which results in this place being a kingdom for birds watchers.


Qinghai Lake presents different flavor of beauty in different seasons. Many prefer when it is a green and lively world. The mountains and grassland wear a green blanket with herds of cattle and sheep dotted on the grassland. The bank is connected with boundless farmlands, which is prospering with blooming rape flowers and rolling with wheat waves, sending blasts of fragrance to the lake. The water of the lake is limpid like a mirror, reflecting the green mountains in the deep. The color of the lake changes with time and varies in different depth, which produces a sense of mystery, hence owning the name of "Seven-Colored Lake". The lake owns abundant fishes, thus the mouth of the nearby river has a yellow color to it as the fish float close to the surface.


When the winter comes, the world becomes a bit quieter and duller, but the glamour of Qinghai Lake doesn't diminish much. At this time, the green mountains takes on a new look of golden and blankets with white snow. The snow and ice cover the surface of the lake, making the lake shines brightly under the sun, adding a different flavor of beauty to the lake.


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