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Xining Food


Yogurt in Xining is really very famous. Different from the yogurt you usually bought from supermarket. It is a green food and a healthy one. Xining yogurt isn’t liquid, but solid, which is just like "tofu nao". The authentic Qinghai yoghourt is made of natural ingredients and the technique is from the traditional recipe which is passed from the ancestors of local people.

Yogurt is a must-try as breakfast when you arrive in Xining. It is made by Muslim families and is served in small bowls. It is a delicious food, which you cannot taste in other places. You can’t miss it.


Mutton Eaten with Fingers

Mutton Eaten with Fingers is another famous snack in Qinghai Province which is loved by Hui people very much.

Mutton Eaten with Fingers is made of fresh mutton and served with a little salt. Customers picked the mutton up and ate it with fingers in the past. Though now customers no longer eat mutton with fingers, this snack is still called Mutton Eaten with fingers.



Niangpizi is a popular snack which is made of flour and baking soda. Some of the Niangpizi is bright, and some of them are clean like the jade. It is both delicious and economical. It always serves quickly. You can get it in one or two minutes. This snack is sour and hot, pliant and tough and good to eat. It can be found anywhere and anytime in Xining for four-yuan. The most famous version of this snack is called Mazhong Niangpi.


Zasui Tang

Zasui Tang is a soup cooked with lamb and oxen entrails. Zasui Tang is made of heart, head, lung and gut of oxen and sheep. The soup is very oily. Qinghai people take pieces of bread with Zasui Tang as a wonderful breakfast. The hot soup helps warm people during the winter.


Stewed Lamb

Cut the mutton of the lamb, which is only born for about 15 days, into small cubes. When the oil is boiled, pour mutton cubes into the pan and quick-fry them with strong fire. Until the surface of them become yellow, put some soy sauce, chili, ginger powder, pepper, and salt water into the pan. Fry them until the cubes become red. Add a little water. Stew them with slow fire. When the water in the pan nearly disappears, the dish is cooked. The mutton is tender and crisp. It isn’t greasy. People’s appetite comes with eating.

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