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Xining Shopping Tips

What to buy


Dongchong Xiacao

Dongchong Xiacao is a traditional Chinese medicine which is used as a tonic to increase the body's natural resistance to disease. It has been exported to other countries for a long time. In Xining, you can purchase a bottle of medicated wine, including the Chinese caterpillar fungus and other rare medicinal materials. Snow lotus and pilose antler, both considered as rare Chinese medicines, are also available in the city.


Yak Beef Jerky

As a place where many Tibetans live, the yak jerky is also recommended to tourists who take a visit to Xining. Yak Beef Jerky is made of fresh yak meat, rich in protein and lower in fat, this light-weight and non-perishable snack is favored by locals and tourist. Local yak jerky is made using authentic Tibetan recipe which can make sure that it tastes the same as the ones bought in Tibet. So if you are traveling in Xining, yak jerky is one thing you should not miss during the shopping.


Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea is recommended to tourists during shopping in this city, Xining. It is one of the precious herbals in Chinese traditional medicine science. This herbal is good for lung, weak body and some gynecological diseases shown by research. Rhodiola rosea is also used in the medicines, which are used for healing the injuries from falls, fractures, contusions and strains. At present, it has been one of the top ingredients used in Chinese herbal cosmetics. You can buy some of this herbal for your wife, female friends, relatives or colleagues during the trip. It is helpful for their skins and body.


Hand-made Accessories

In Xining, you can find various Tibetan hand-made accessories, such as the clasp knife, embroidery and butter sculpture. They are delicate and full of the Tibetan taste. They are so attractive and beautiful. If you have no chance to visit Tibet, you can just buy some Tibetan hand-made accessories as souvenirs. These hand-made accessories embody Tibet culture and local tradition and customs.


Where to buy


Dashizi Department Store

One of Qinghai's largest shopping centers, Dashizi is located in Xining's center, and sells a range of goods including clothing, electronics, appliances, and jewelry. About 37,500 kinds of commodities are available here. There is also a section that sells local and cultural objects.

Address: No.53, Dong Street


Xidajie Department Store

This large department store extends to two floors underground. This multi-services department store carries a wide variety of goods and includes restaurants, offices and a recreational center.

Address: No.43, Xi Street


Qingbai Commercial City

Many popular brands are available in Qingbai Commercial City. It attracts a great deal of customers with its wide variety of merchandise and comfortable shopping environment.

Address: Wusi Avenue


Drygoods Department Store

Drygoods Department Store is a local well-known shopping place. A variety of local products are available here, such as Dongchong Xiacao, Yark Beef Jerky fulfilling your desire for exotic products.

Address: 46 Xiguan Street

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