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Jinyintan Grassland

Why is Jinyintan Grassland special?


Jinyintan Grassland covers an area of 1100 square kilometers, situates 90 kilometers away from the provincial capital of Xining city, with mountains surrounded on the north and on the east, and Qinghai Lake borders on the west. Tibetans live on the grassland with their cattle and horses generations after generations, forming a typical pasture area of this boundless grassland like Hulun Buir Grassland, the best-preserved grassland in China.


Apart from breathtaking sceneries, local yogurt is another characteristic of Jinyintan Grassland. The local homemade yogurt is made of milk with vegetable oil on the top. The golden layer together with the white delicate of the yogurt is healthier and tastier than the other branded yogurt.


Jinyintan Grassland Highlights


Jinyintan Grassland is divided into Jintan and Yintan grassland with the average altitude of 3200 meters. On the north grassland there blossoms golden flowers, hence the name Jintan, meaning golden grassland is endowed; while on the south grassland there grows silver flowers, thus Yintan, meaning silver grassland is given.


The best season for Jinyintan Grassland is summer from July to September. At that time, flowers blossom, sending fragrance with the gentle wind; birds twitter happily on the trees; herds gaze, dotting on the grassland like stars and clouds; and Mongolian yurts decorated the endless green. With the unique folk costumes, Tibetans wonder leisurely on their horses. It is a place where you will feel the sky is near to you, the blue and white above the head is within reach. All of which form a tranquil and harmonious image.


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