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Xining Attractions

  • Dongguan Mosque

    Dongguan Mosque

    Architecture of the Dongguan Mosque combines traditional Chinese style with the local features, with grand appearance and delicate, dazzlingly inside ornaments. Now this mosque serves as an educational center and institution of higher learning for Islamism, and also is the leading mosque in Qinghai. Read more>>
  • Tibetans live on Jinyintan Grassland with their cattle and horses generations after generations, forming a typical pasture area of this boundless grassland.

    Jinyintan Grassland

    Jinyintan Grassland covers an area of 1100 square kilometers, situates 90 kilometers away from the provincial capital of Xining city, with mountains surrounded on the north and on the east, and Qinghai Lake borders on the west. Read more>>
  • Qinghai Lake is the largest inland and salt water lake in China. It is thought by the natives that Qinghai Lake is a miracle endowed by a deity.

    Qinghai Lake

    Shaped like an ellipse, Qinhai Lake lies northwest of the magnificent Tibetan Plateau, 150km away from Xining in Qinghai Province. Qinghai Lake reaches 28.7m at the deepest point with the averages depth of 19m overall. Read more>>
  • Kumbum Monastery

    Ta’er Monastery

    Ta’er Monastery lies over 25 kilometers southwest of Xining city. Ta’er Monastery covers an area of 400,000 square kilometers and is home to over 750 monks. Read more>>
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