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Shiyan Wudang Mountain Airport

Shiyan Wudang Mountain Airport serves the city of Shiyan in northwestern Hubei Province, China. The airport cost 1.635 billion RMB to build, and it opened on February 5, 2016. It is located 15 kilometers from the city center and 20 kilometers from Wudang Mountain.

Location: Maojian District, Shiyan City, Hubei Province.


Wuhan Tianhe International Airport

Wuhan Tianhe International Airport is opened on April 15, 1995, which is the major airport of Wuhan. The name Tianhe can be literally translated as "Sky River"; it is also one of the names for the Milky Way in ancient Chinese. It is one of the busiest airports in the central China because of its location. The airport is a focus city for Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines. The airport has flights to international destinations such as Bangkok, Moscow, Osaka, Paris, Seoul, and Singapore.

Location: Wuhan's suburban Huangpi District, which is about 26 kilometers to the north of Wuhan city center.


Train Stations


Wudangshan Railway Station

Wudangshan Railway Station, also named Liuliping Railway Station is near the Wudang Mountain, which is about 42 kilometers from the Shiyan Railway Station. The original Wudangshan Railway Station was closed in order to protect the ancient building in the foot of Wudang Mountain Yuxu Palace. On October 1, 2009, the Liuliping Railway Station changed the name to Wudangshan Railway Station.

Location: Liuliping District, Danjiangkou City, Shiyan City, Hubei Province.


Wudangshanxi Railway Station

Wudangshanxi Railway Station is a bullet train railway station, which is near the scenic spot of Wudang Mountain. It started building in 2005, and it will be open in 2018.

Location: Liuliping District, Danjiangkou City, Shiyan City, Hubei Province.


Shiyan Railway Station

Shiyan Railway Station is built in 1968. After having several expansions, the new railway station has been put into use in January 2003. The new area covers about 1,800 square meters. The waiting hall covers about 2,600 square meters. Now the north square of the railway station is still under construction.   

Location: No.11Chezhan Roa, Maojian District, ShiyanCity, Hubei Province.




Direct sleeper buses are available from Wuhan's Wuchang long distance bus station. Tickets are about RMB 90 and it takes up to 12 hours to reach Wudang Shan. If you're leaving Wudang Shan by bus, the sleeper bus station is diagonally opposite to the Xuanwu Dajiudian along Hanshi Gonglu.

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