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Wudang Mountain is the birthplace of Wudang boxing and swordsmanship. According to the different qualities, they can be divided into three types: hard, soft, and traditional Wushu. The length may range from 0.5 to 1.2 meters depending on whether it is a seven-star sword, couple swords, or a safe-keeping sword.


Walking Stick


Wudang Mountain has many arbor trees with high quality. Their roots have different shapes and are the perfect material for walking sticks. In the hands of the right craftsman, those materials can be made into various kinds of sticks. The shapes are also different, such as the longevity stick, dragon-head stick, and phoenix-head. The sticks are not just pieces of art work but also practical for mountaineers or the elderly.




Wudang Mountain has the good natural conditions. It also has abundant rainfall, and a mild, moist climate. In this way, the tea comes in many types, such as Silver Sword, Zhenjin, Taihe and Qifeng, all of them are famous in China.


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