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Wudangshan Travel Season Tips

Wudang Mountain has the subtropical monsoon climate. The climate is different vertically. It has the partly climate in different altitude on the Wudang Mountain.

The best time to visit Wudang Mountain is in spring, summer and autumn when the temperature is the most suitable. In spring, the area is filled with flowers; in summer, the mist envelops; in autumn, oranges turn yellow and the smell of sweet-scented osmanthus fills the air. During your trip in Wudangshan, remember to wear warm clothes for the nights. In spring, it is still cold in the mountain. In summer, it is hot and has plentiful rainfalls with highest temperature of above 30℃. In autumn, it has a rapid decrease in temperature, as the average annual temperature is from 13.1℃to 18℃.


In spring, there is the temple fair on 3rd March of lunar year.

In the early April and early October there are the dragon boat races at Wudang Mountain on the Han River.  

Every October, the Wudang International Tourism Festival takes place on the mountain, which will last for a whole week. During the festival, there are Kungfu displays, photography exhibitions, and art exhibitions.

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