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Wudang Mountain has many kinds of famous food, which is different from those in other part of China.


Hot Dry Noodles


Hot Dry Noodles, is a traditional dish of Wudang Mountain. Hot Dry Noodles has a history in Chinese food culture for about 80 years. The reason why it is unique is that the noodles are not in soups like most of the other Asian style noodles. It is the most important, famous and popular breakfast food in Wuhan. It is usually sold in street carts and restaurants along the streets. Hot Dry Noodles as breakfast is available from around 5 am in the morning, and also appears on night markets as a snack. The noodle is not expensive and can be prepared in a few minutes, therefore it becomes the most popular breakfast choice.


To cook Hot Dry Noodles, the chef makes the fresh noodles mixed with sesame oil in boiling water. When the noodles get cooked and cooled down, it becomes pliable. Before eating, the noodles will be cooked in the same process again. Finally, dressings including spring onion and sauce will be added.




Shaomai is a type of traditional Chinese dumpling, which originates from Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. It is also very famous in Hubei Province. In Cantonese cuisine, it is usually served as a dim sum snack. Shaomai in Wudang Mountain has the opening resembling the chrysanthemum flower petal shape with the egg-yolk. It is spicy with pepper and the wrapper is translucent. The fillings include glutinous rice, pork hash, shrimp, Chinese mushroom, bamboo shoots and onion.




Mianwo is a deep-fried doughnut-shaped snack in Wudang Mountain. It is another special Chinese traditional snack. It is made from soy milk, rice milk, flour, sesame and chopped scallion. Mianwo usually has a salty taste. Sometimes it also has the sweet flavour, which may be made with diced sweet potato. Nobody knows about the concrete history of Mianwo. But some believe it has been made since the Qing Dynasty by a local sesame cake maker named Chang Ziren.




Tangbao or also called soup buns, is a large, soup-filled type of steamed buns in Chinese cuisine. They are also known as guantang bao or soup-filled buns. All of these buns are made by wrapping a gelatinous filling in dough, which is then steamed to melt the filling into soup. The shape of Tangbao in Wudang Mountain is similar to Xiaolongbao, which is a type of Chinese steamed bun. Tangbao in Wudang is made with leavened dough which is different from it in other districts.

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