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Kaili Travel Season Tips

Kaili is a moderately humid climate zone in the mid-subtropical zone. It is a typical monsoon climate: no severe cold in winter, no intense heat in summer; rains come with the heat. 

In winter, there are often continuous rainy and low-temperature snowy or frost weather. Alternating cold and warm air in spring often causes strong winds, heavy rain and hail. In early summer, it is always the heavy rainy day while in mid-summer, it is normally sunny with litter rain. In autumn, it is often sunny with drought. 
The average temperature all the year round is between 14.1 and 16.5℃. The hottest month is July with a temperature of 23.9-27.2℃ averagely. The coldest is January with an average temperature of 2.1-7.9℃. 
There is more precipitation in the northwest and southeast, but less in the north. 
The best travel time of Kaili is the summer and autumn season. 
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