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Kaili Travel Overview

Kaili City is the capital of the Qiandongnan Autonomous Prefecture or the Southeast Guizhou. Kaili City is located in eastern of the Guizhou Province. Kaili City is 190 kilometers away from the Guiyang City.
Qiandongnan Autonomous Prefecture or Southeast Guizhou covers 15 counties, 10 economic development zones and the Kaili City. Known as a multi-ethnic groups area, the Southeast Guizhou is occupies over 80% minority ethnic groups including 40% Miao Ethnic people and 29% Dong Ethnic people. Besides the two mai...
  • How to Arrange Your Kaili Trip
  • Kaili Travel Season Tips
    Kaili is a moderately humid climate zone in the mid-subtropical zone. It is a typical monsoon climate: no severe cold in winter, no intense heat in summer; rains come with the heat. In winter, there are often continuous rainy and low-temperature ...
  • Transportation in Kaili Travel
    Kaili Huangping Airport It is located in Huangping County, 12 kilometer northeast of the county center.  The airport is nearly 54 kilometers away from the Kaili City downtown. It has been open to the air traffic since October 2013. It mainly provide...
  • Kaili Food
    Suan Tang Yu (Sour Soup Fish) Suan Tang Yu is another typical Guizhou dish Originating in the Miao region, this dish has become one of the favorite dishes of Guizhou Province among the whole country. Kaili Sour Soup is authorized as geographical pro...
  • Kaili Shopping Tips
    What to buy Agricultural products in Kaili include the Incense Burner Mountain Mist Tea, Pingliang Rice, Kaili Sour Soup Fish, Burner Mountain Grapes and the spicy snacks. Industrial and handmade products contain the Zhouxi Lusheng (a kind of e...
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