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Hushan Great Wall


The Hushan or Tiger Mountain Great Wall, sitting 12 kilometers northeast of Dandong city, was recorded as the far eastern end of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall. It is now a government-granted heritage spot and a 4A-level scenic spot.


Completed in 1469, the Hushan Great Wall was built to protect the Chinese heartlands from northern invaders. Many people think that the Great Wall starts at the Shanhaiguan Pass in Hebei Province, but according to the History of Ming, the official history book of the Ming Dynasty (1368 -1644), it is the Hushan Great Wall, not the Shanhaiguan Pass, that stands at the eastern end of the Great Wall.


What to expect

The Scenery of North Korea. Since the Hushan Great Wall faces North Korea across the river, travelers, on the top of the Hushan Great Wall, can enjoy the scenery of both China and North Korea.


“One Step to Cross”. As its name indicates, “One Step to Cross” is the nearest place in Dandong to North Korea. At this scenic site, a stone tablet reading “One Step to Cross” stands by the river. Here you can look at people living and working on the opposite side of the Yalu River in North Korea. Notice: please do not take photos of soldiers on guard.


Ticket Price

Entrance Fee:

1st April – 31st October: CNY 60

1st November – 31st March: CNY 55



Hushan Village, Hushan Town, Kuandian County 118218, China


How to get to the Hushan Great Wall

Route One:

Take the bus at the Dandong Railway Station. Buses depart at 08:35, 09:50, 12:00, and 16:30. Take the bus at the Lizi Yuan (Chestnut Park). Buses depart at 06:50, 07:30, 10:50, and 14:20.

Buses returns from the Hushan Great Wall to the city center at 07:30, 08:20, 09:30, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 15:20, and 17:10. It will take CNY 5 and 40 minutes.

Route Two:

Take the bus heading for Kuandian at the Long-distance Bus Station, and then get off at Station Hushantou. The ticket price is CNY 7.

Route Three

Take the taxi and the fare is CNY 40.


Open Hours

1st April – 31st October: 07:30 – 17:30

1st November – 31st March: 08:00 – 16:30





Approximate time at the destination

1 - 3 hours

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