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Dandong Attractions

  • Tianqiaogou National Forest Park

    Tianqiaogou National Forest Park

    Overview: Tianqiaogou Park was ever a royal hunting ground in the Qing Dynasty (1644–1912). It was listed as a national forest park in 1992 and a 4A national scenic spot in 2004. With forests covering 98 percent of the 4,000-hectare land, the park was recognized as “One of the Six Pollution-free ... Read more>>
  • Phoenix Mountain

    Phoenix Mountain

    Overview Phoenix Mountain, a must-see destination in Dandong, ranks among the top four mountains in Liaoning province. Phoenix mountain’s peak is called Jianyan (The Eye of Sword), which stands 836.4 meters above the sea level. The mountain serves as a very exciting climb for those who wish to asc... Read more>>
  • Hushan Great Wall

    Hushan Great Wall

    Overview: The Hushan or Tiger Mountain Great Wall, sitting 12 kilometers northeast of Dandong city, was recorded as the far eastern end of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall. It is now a government-granted heritage spot and a 4A-level scenic spot. Completed in 1469, the Hushan Great Wall was built to pr... Read more>>
  • Yalu River Broken Bridge

    Yalu River Broken Bridge

    Overview Yalu River is the river of northeastern Asia that forms the northwestern boundary between North Korea and the Northeast region of China. The Yalu River flows through 795 kilometers of Northeastern China and joins the sea in Dandong. The Yalu River Broken Bridge, started in 1909 and compl... Read more>>
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