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Tianqiaogou National Forest Park


Tianqiaogou Park was ever a royal hunting ground in the Qing Dynasty (1644–1912). It was listed as a national forest park in 1992 and a 4A national scenic spot in 2004. With forests covering 98 percent of the 4,000-hectare land, the park was recognized as “One of the Six Pollution-free Regions in the World” by the United National Development Programme and “Park with the Fieriest Maple Leaves in China” by the magazine Traveler.


Due to the short distance to the ocean, the park has a temperate climate. Winter here is warm and summer cool. The average temperature in summer is 23.6 °C, making the park a perfect summer retreat.


What to do

Sightseeing. There are 125 scenic spots in five scenic areas, namely Tiangong Scenic Area, Lianhuafeng Scenic Area, Yuquanding Scenic Area, Xiaoyuefeng Scenic Area, and Stream-side Scenic Area. Among the five areas, Lianhuafeng Scenic Area is a must-see one, featuring tall cliffs, steep precipices, and sharp rocks.


Tianqiaogou Maple Festival. Every year, from late September to mid-October, the maple festival will be held in the park. In autumn, maple trees look particularly dramatic as their leaves burst into flames. You can stop almost anywhere to take photos. Korean food and dance performance will also be offered by ethnic Koreans.


Ticket Price

Adult: CNY 150 (1 Day); CNY 240 (2 Day)

Child (1.2-1.4m)/Student/Senior (Aged 60-69): CNY 75 (1 Day)

Child (Below 1.2m)/Senior (Aged 70+): Free






60 kilometers away from the county, Kuandian County, Dandong



You are recommended to take the taxi from Dandong to this park. The fare is about CNY 400.


Open Hours

8:00 - 17:00 (Annual)


Approximate time at the destination

One day

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