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Singing Sand Ravine

From the name, you may already know how amazing this place is. Apparently, sand here can “sing” for some reasons, and this should be enough to attract you visiting here. Sing Sand Ravine is a huge comprehensive resort located in the east Kubuqi Desert of Inner Mongolia, with a distance of 50 kilometers away from Baotou. Buses are available in the city to drive you here.


The Chinese name of it, Xiangsha, refers to the sand that can make different sounds. The ravine is about 400 meters wide and 110 meters high, formatting an echo wall with a slope of 45 degrees. As people entering and sliding down the ravine, sand would start to make different sounds. Some are like blowing a bulge, while some others are like the roaring of an airplane. In short, Sing Sand Ravine can make whatever sounds you think of. However, though many have been here, no one is ever able to give a reasonable explanation about this amazing phenomenon.


If you have finished enjoying this phenomenal sand, there are over 100 entertainment programs here for you. You can choose to slide on the sand from the top of the ravine, or you may want to ride a camel or desert motorcycle. Watch a local marriage is also an nice option to experience Mongolian life in depth.


After an entire day enjoying on the desert, you may be quite tired. No worries, there are five holiday villages around it where you can have a rest. They are Yilisha, Fusha Island, Yuesha Island, Xiansha Island, and Lianshan Island, and you can easily find them on the map of Singing Sand Ravine.

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